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Base position

Dec 15, 2018
My unscientifically measured observation is that 60% of coaches and 87% of parks departments have no idea how to correctly set or mark a field.

Things like it’s 60ft from the apex to the back of first base...and 60 feet from the back corner of first to the middle of second...or the circle is drawn from the front center of the pitchers plate...
Oct 11, 2010
Chicago, IL
Our fields have 3 different holes for bases. 8U, older players and solw pitch. I am coaching 3rd and it is driving me nuts, 2nd base seems out of whack. Finally asked ump for thier opinion, doesn't that seem out of whack?

He goes shoot they put 2nd at 63' feet.

Our park district was assume, they did a really great job with our fields. 1 game in particular it rained like a son of a gun all night, no way we are playing. Drove by field about 8AM and they had it all dug up to dry and lined. We did not play until 4 or so but it was gorgeous.

I have set up more fields then I can count, you get what you get from me. Another couch re lined bases paths before every game. It is great coming to a nice lined up field give them that.

I tried to re line a used field a fee times and the chalk lines never line up so you need to go through the effort to pull the old lines up which was too much work for me.
Nov 18, 2015
For those of you who may be asked to line a field in the future, remember that if using a string as a guide, the string should line up an the outside edge of the foul line - not the center.

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