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Ball exit velocity

Apr 1, 2010
Quick question. Is 55 mph bad..ok..good.. for DD? She's 12 going on 13, and this was what she scored this weekend at a camp hitting off a tee. Since I have an actual number, LOL, I just want a feel for where she stands...

I know her 2.2 pop time needs work, but isn't hopeless at her age.

Apr 1, 2010
Okay, here's what I think are the fastpitch figures. I'm guessing that the first value is an average for recreational players (a = Denver Hitting Club) and the second for TB level (elite - whatever that is)? Her 55 would put DD right about where she should be, I think, unless these values are for exit speed off pitched balls (they seem uncertain), which would put her ahead of the curve? There's great info there, but I found their tables a little confusing.

At any rate, it doesn't seem like there's cause for concern. I'll have her keep on doing what she's doing.

Batted Ball Speed (Exit Speed) - Speed of the Ball

10U11-1213-1415-16 17-18 High SchoolCollegePro/ Olympic
Fastpitch (a) (elite) non-wood, pitched?nana38 (55)53 (66)58 (69)66 (79)
Apr 1, 2010
Thanks, Nano! They have a national average of 51.22 for 7th graders, so I'm feeling pretty good about her exit speed now. One 7th grader was already up in the 60's though; DD's going to have to keep working and improving!

At our facility we test ball exit speed off of a front toss ball with a stalker gun.

Our 11 year old record is 61mph
14 year old is 72mph

I wish i could help more with that, just wanted to throw in my two cents.

Chas Pippitt
Jun 27, 2011
North Carolina
Wanted to revive this thread and see if anyone had more info on exit speeds in batting.

Anyone else have a sense of what is typical by age?

How valuable is exit speed in hitting? Is there the risk of increasing exit speed at the expense of good mechanics? Or is this as good a measure as any of a good hitter (assuming the hitter can be consistent at generating it)?

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