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Back Pick's YES! or no?

Feb 17, 2014
Orlando, FL
trying so hard to get DD to do this. no pump fakes, no nothing. coach wants her to do it as well. I told her 1st base runner of the game, 1 and maybe 2nd pitch (assuming no contact by batter, no PB/WP, etc.), do nothing, just watch out of corner of eye. if they are taking big lead, not paying attention a lot, etc., next pitch, fire as soon as she receives it, no look almost (trust 1B to be in position).
Instead of doing endless pump fakes I tell my catchers to go over to the other teams dugout before the game and tell them that you have no confidence in your arm. Same message, different delivery. :)
Sep 29, 2010
Knoxville, TN
Maybe I'm missing something, but what difference does it make if the BR is in fair or foul territory on a thrown ball?
Should have elaborated. No automatic rule. Try to argue BR intentionally tried to interfere with the throw by going at the fielder. DD got this call once when the BR took out the SS coming back to the bag. It has to be intentional to be called.
May 6, 2015
As much as you all are working on picks, 1B needs to be apart of it and work on slap tags. The more they work this, the more comfortable the throw will be. Another related tip is if the delay is on, the catcher must scream “going” to 1B. Catcher is the first to see it and 1B can then catch, pivot and throw instead of laying a tag on an empty base.
actually RF & CF should be calling this out as well, just like on a straight steal attempt
Mar 6, 2016
Ok, since this thread is about back picks...

Question/Coaching Philosophy:
On back picks to 1st base with a right handed 1B, what setup or body position do you coach your 1B to be in while receiving ball from catcher?

Do you coach the 1B to drop step back with left foot and "open up" towards runner and 2B and catch ball essentially back handed (for a righty) and tag runner across her body?


Do you coach right handed 1B to drop step with left foot and catch the ball almost facing the dugout and apply a "blind tag" as some call it.

I have seen both, but mostly the "blind tag" position for righties because the glove hand is in more natural catching position to then just drop straight down for tag as opposed to reach across body for tag.

The obvious possible drawback of the blind tag is that you can't see runner take off to 2B, but she is already in throwing position if she does go.

As for a lefty I mostly see where the 1B opens up towards second so the glove hand is deeper and can drop straight down for tag.

I'll try and find videos of each to give better visual. **Update..ok found one that really shows perfect view of the blind tag.
Blind side tag.. 1st 30 seconds of video

I seem to remember Candrea at Arizona teaches blind swipe tag for RH 1st baseman.

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May 6, 2015
I like the blind tag, because it keeps the glove in forehand position. Also, I like having 1B initially line up right in base patch, maybe two steps from the bag, and on the pitch move/hop forward (however that team moves on pitch), helps to keep runnere honest, if there is a collision, chances are runner left early, and this makes it clear. this way with forehanding the ball, the path of ball will help them move back towards the bag.


Possibilities & Opportunities!
Dec 13, 2019
Receiving back pick question.
Right handed 1st base.
Athletic position facing catcher.
Tag to their left foot (glove side)
Which is just to the inside of the first base bag.

Left handed can adjust slighly toward baseline. Place tag to their right foot side.
Or not adjust and do back hand tag.
In either case prefer defensive receiver to be facing the catcher/throw.
Ball first! Must be prepaired to defend an off target throw.

Do not care for straddling bases. Tag play is in front of bases not on top of the base.
Tag befor runner reaches base.

Do not care for trying to shift sideways as it takes time to make that adjustment.
Throw should already be on its way.
Sideways also limits defensive ability to reach the throw if off target.
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