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Assume last softball game

Oct 11, 2010
Chicago, IL
Fall double header.

DD was 6 for 7 with a walk, 3 doubles and a triple. Not bad for batting last in lineup, like always.

She also got to pitch 1 inning, not sure where that came from. 1K, 1 walked, no runs scored. Go Sally in left field, she caught the other 2 outs. It would have been nice if it wasn't freezing and she had a chance to warm-up before pitching. Beggars can not be choices I guess.

OF she gunned runner down trying to go to 2nd and made a nice catch.

She got to play 2nd for a while, again no idea where this came from either.

She started a double play, we just missed. 1st basemen got sucked in on a hit and I do not think she even looked before she threw it to 1st, she know DD would be there.

Best was a player on other Team yelled at DD. Nicest kid in the world, somehow she gets in the middle of things. :)

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