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May 7, 2008
We are located in Oregon and play ASA 12U. I notice that in Western Washington where we originally lived it seems to be more NSA. What do others play? Is it possible to play both? Just curious.



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May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
Generally, the ASA tournaments have better competition than NSA tournaments--especially at the national level. NSA is generally an east coast organization while the ASA is a national organization. So, there are less west coast teams at the NSA national tournament, resulting in a lesser quality field than the comparable ASA tournament.

It is easier to qualify for an NSA tournament than the ASA tournament, but the NSA tournaments usually are east of the Mississippi, meaning it costs more the West Coast teams to attend.

Your team can play in NSA tournaments and ASA tournaments, although the national tournaments sometimes overlap.

Competition with the NSA caused the ASA to revamp its entire tournament process, so we all owe the NSA some thanks.

My DD's team has played NSA, ASA, and USSSA so far. You can go into eastern VA/NC/etc. and play SoftballNation, and up in the Ohio area (if I'm not mistaken) you see some PONY tournaments. Last fall her team (before she joined it) played some SEAA tournaments too.
My daughter plays mostly USSSA and ASA (in Missouri). They are the main sanctions in KC and St. Louis. AFA used to be pretty big, but not so much this year. As a former coach, I liked USSSA because of the flexibility in the lineup, etc. I also think that ASA is still the one everyone looks to as the standard. Mostly, it depends where my daughter plays in a given weekend or week. Some complexes are primarily under one primary sanctioning body.

To answer the question, it is possible to play in as many sanctions as your team wishes, as long as you pay the sanction fee and tournament is offered.
May 7, 2008
Thanks for the info. This is my daughters first year in ASA and we are still trying to learn as much as we can.
Jul 28, 2008

NSA in W. WA is much more organized than the ASA tournaments. And all the teams here play both sanctions. I will play enough ASA ball to get a birth to state. Next year the NSA Western Worlds will be in Snohomish County, so I will also be taking my team to that, too.

All in all, ASA usually seams to have more A level teams, although many of them will play NSA tournaments and I think that NSA is catching up lately. I was talking with a Vancouver coach at ASA state and he was telling me that there were no NSA tournaments down in Oregon, so they all played ASA ball. I did, however, face a couple Oregon teams that traveled up here for NSA tournaments.

From a parent standpoint, you won't notice any difference. There are some slight rules differences.

Good luck
May 8, 2012
My DD made our 10U TB "B" team but the President of our TB board is not allowing her to play becuz she did not meet the player eligibility rules for ASA, which is playing in our city rec ball team. However, the 10U team is playing in NSA sanctioned tourn this yr and I verified w/both ASA & NSA diretors that she would be eligible to play NSA tourn, but no ASA tourn. Can the Pres of our TB team legally prohibit my DD to participate in our TB program this year becuz of an ASA rule, even when our team is playing NSA?
May 8, 2012
Yes they can.[/QUOte
Thank u for ur reply. However, based on what criteria if i have gotten confirmation from both ASA & NSA directors that as long as she plays in NSA ONLY she is eligible to play? In other words, why would our own city TB league discourage players to play?


Jun 22, 2008
ASA - While most people distort the meaning of a B team, they are supposed to be league-based teams as opposed to a dedicated travel program type of team. An ASA 10U TB B team is somewhat of an oxymoron.

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