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ASA Marathon Tournament BOGUS!

May 8, 2008
Last weekend we were involved in a Tournament in Pennsylvania at the ASA Fields in York. We started at 8:00 had a break then played at 11:30, 1:30,3:00, 5:00 and if we would have won the last game we would have played again at 7:00.
Our 3rd game was against the team we had played at 8:00. The coaches protested but that's where they put us. There were 14 teams.
The girls had 15 minutes to eat from 1:15 to the 1:30 game. That is where the marathon started. Playing back to back games in 90 degree heat with no scheduled time between games. The last team we played, their catcher, while batting collapsed right at the plate and was rushed off to the hospital.
My point to all of this is the Tournament was not professionally ran or set up. And the people that were running this tournament under the ASA name did not care one I otta what we and others thought. They take a two day event and shove as much as they can into one day. They don't care that many teams traveled 2-3 hours to get there and rented hotel rooms for two nights etc.
Well it did not take me very long to figure out that the main motivation was money. It had all the symptoms. Greed and no empathy toward the teams or the girls playing. What a racket!
I would suggest that in the future before entering a tournament that you fully understand how the event will be ran. And just because it says ASA doesn't mean it's ASA. We are backing out of all tournaments scheduled to be played there. I hope they understand that without the support from coaches, parents and daughters like mine there will not be anymore games.
It was the people that made this work and it will be the same people to make it stop.

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