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Anyone play in Chattanooga last weekend?

Apr 24, 2017
One of the worst experiences we have had at a tournament, and this is our fifth year playing travel ball. Showcase and Qualifier over the weekend, supposed to be Friday through Sunday. Four game guarantee for qualifier, five game guarantee if playing straight showcase instead. Tons of rain in the forecast for Saturday, no change to Friday night schedule at all. Could have crammed more games in because we CLEARLY weren't playing Saturday morning. Pushed games back a few hours for Saturday morning, then a few hours more trying to get some fields ready, then pushed first game back until 10:15 pm, then decided it should be at 9:30 pm instead. Played ONE game Saturday night. Played two Sunday morning on terrible, horribly torn up fields while it SNOWED and sleeted and the wind chill was 25. Games were delayed while grounds crew came in FOUR times to try and get the field playable. In the middle of our games. Terrible experience. No money back if we pulled out, no refund at all after one game played. Went from a 5 game guarantee to straight double elimination. $10 per day gate fees. Awesome. Stay to Play hotel was awful to work with also, over charged several parents and no refunds for nights they couldn't use even though they bought the insurance to be able to cancel or modify their reservation. Ugh. Rant over.

Feb 26, 2016
Murfreesboro, TN
We were there this past weekend in the 18U showcase. I heard some rumblings about the tournament too. All of the games scheduled for The Summit were moved to Warner so that messed up some of the scheduling. These tournaments are usually really well run, but it seems that every year we have bad weather on this one. Same thing happened last year, and it's just unfortunate because they are expensive to put on and to participate in.

As far as the "stay to play" they are using Travelling Teams, which is one of the sorriest excuses for these tournaments to make extra money ever invented. Travelling teams certainly does not get you any better rates that you can get yourself, and they consistently mess us reservations. Terrible customer service.

We only played one each Friday and Saturday and one Sunday in 36 degree weather. Coach said enough is enough and we went home after playing only 3 games. (But we are heading back down there this coming weekend for SC).


Ex "Expert"
Feb 25, 2009
My dd's team is playing there this weekend. The forecast is for rain Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I hope that whomever is putting this on realizes that these coaches have real jobs on Monday should they decide to push things back. Common sense is not always the main factor when money is involved.


No. I wasn't. But i would love to know about the next tournament.


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