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Anyone heard of Game Ready softball series??

Jun 8, 2016
Ho-Lee-Smokes... Who pee'd in your wheaties??

@flash277 asked a simple question, (paraphrasing) "what's a family on that type of team spend?"

@Gambler Bob answered with the disclaimer "Please don't take these as concrete numbers. There are so many variables..."

I answered in the best way that I can, maybe people know way more of the intricacies of being on one of those teams, but I tried my best as I'm pretty familiar with the teams and families. But as I've said, DD is only in 14u so I'm not "in it"...

And I caught and reacted to the cult statement you've made, but I see you've taken that out, so I guess there's nothing to get chuffed about.

I tried my best to answer the questions, that's it
I was just stating that you think the fact that you have no idea where your fees go isn't a problem like you stated previously, that is all. Wasn't necessary not sure what got into me :oops:

Honestly I don't know what our org fees pay for either but I am guessing it is mostly facility costs since we pay for uniforms, and tournaments separately and there are no paid coach.

Yes I got rid of a statement which I shouldn't have made, my apologies.
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Feb 20, 2020
To the person asking about fees for that program, I've got friends whose daughters play for Batbusters -- one of the featured teams on the show -- in Colorado and the fees were about $2500 each. That covered everything but travel expenses. They may be higher in California, and they may be lower here because Batbusters is just trying to get a foothold in the state. They were invited to the California complex for a week and spent a couple of practices with the BB coach on the show. Said he was hard but good.

I don't know what they are doing in terms of refunds, because their girls and my DD obviously can't hang and practice together so we haven't had the chance to talk.
Aug 25, 2019
Episode 5 was good, alot of gameplay, but still too much blah blah blah from the girls about all the sacrifice they do and all the hard work, you know, everything we know about.

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