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Another softball coach accused of molestation

Jun 1, 2015
I think a lot depends on the level and situation. I have all of my parents' cell numbers, created a group in my phone for contacts, and mass-text the parents about practices/changes, etc. Occasionally I have a player personally text me if they have to inform me of missing a practice, etc. I generally save their numbers just so I know who is texting me in the future, but I will not initiate conversation with a player unless it's face-to-face. Just more personal that way. All of my practices are at our town recreation fields, and are open to anyone (read: parents) to watch (with the understanding they are NOT to coach their kid - it's part of their code of conduct). I do everything I can to create an environment that is 100% transparent and open to anyone to see/interpret - this way my players are comfortable, my parents are comfortable, and more can get accomplished on the field.
May 18, 2009
As a male high school coach of female athletes we use the app remind.com. This not only allows you to post group messages to players and parents but also individual messages if necessary. The catch is that the app saves all communications to protect everyone involved. Just a suggestion.
I was using a group messaging app a few years ago. One of the parents or players gave me a wrong number. Every time I would send off a group text for practice or games it would blast the wrong number with the text and replies. Even after I deleted the number from my phone it was still going to the wrong number. I was getting very hateful replies from that wrong number.

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