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Another kid, another glove question


Aug 21, 2008
Boston, MA
Reading the glove-sizing posts got me thinking I should post this question (originally tacked on the end of another thread).

My 9yo is starting the 2nd season using her sister's old 11" glove (louisville slugger, FP). Last season I thought it was just a little bigger than she was used to and she would get used to it over time.

The glove looks big on her and when she catches, the ball doesn't stay in the glove so she has developed a lacrosse-like catching method where she turns the glove as she catches. She also uses two hands, but it's like the glove is made of stone and if that bare hand isn't there to grab it in time, the ball pops out. She usually employs a combination of the lacrosse method and two hands.

I mention that this is her sister's old glove so you know it is broken in and I wasn't sure if it was maybe too floppy. Her sister loved it but it became too small and she moved on to a bigger glove. When 9y.o. is trying to catch with it, it looks too stiff.

She's a good athlete and I know she can catch. I've seen other girls surprised by a hit, stick their glove out and the ball goes in and stays in. This could not happen with her. She always gets her glove on the ball, but holding on to it is the problem.

(Now that I've written all this, I will double check the thumb and pinky loops.)

Any idears what may be causing this problem? Glove too old or too broken-in for a larger hand?

Ken Krause

May 7, 2008
Mundelein, IL
Have her try putting her ring and little finger in the same finger stall (the one for the little finger). Maybe her hand isn't strong enough to get a good "squeeze" on the ball with just the little finger alone.
Jan 22, 2009
South Jersey
How is the pocket? I am an assistant coach on an 8U team, with 7,8 and 9 yo's. Some of the girls have gloves from last season and some are new. We had a little clinic at the end of practice last week to go over glove size, break in and care. Some of the girls had a glove that was very soft but had either no pocket in the webbing or a pocket that actually stuck out into the glove. After each use take a little oil in the pocket, stuff a 12" softball down deep into the pocket and fold the glove over thumb first and wrap tight. I like to see an infielder's glove stay open when laying flat and an outfielders glove fold closed.


Aug 21, 2008
Boston, MA
I like to see an infielder's glove stay open when laying flat and an outfielders glove fold closed.
Hmm..interesting point. This glove folds closed when laying flat but her old glove, that was smaller, remained open.

Great idea schooling the girls on glove care! This glove has a good pocket formed when I broke it in for her sister. I do need to check to make sure the laces are tight and I need her to try putting two fingers in the pinky slot.

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