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Another Glove Thread

Jul 19, 2019
I have used the search button and read through a lot of threads a lot of them older. It is time to replace my daughters glove. Current glove is a Rawlings gamer 11.5” baseball glove with a trap web. It has been used for 2 10u Rec seasons and 2 8u travel seasons. My biggest challenge is the the hand stall. I have found an old 2017 Easton Stealth for $179 with Velcro a newer Rawling Liberty both 11.75”. I am a Rawlings guy feel hey are better IMO so I don’t know much about the rest and I am figuring on getting 2 years maybe 3 out of this glove. I also found a HOH but I know the hand stall is too big and break in period is way long and not worth it since I know it’s a 2 year glove. Wondering what your thoughts are between the two, I could also order a custom liberty with a smaller hand stall.

She is turning 9 next month and likely will play 10u Rec this spring and certainly for travel but 12u next year which is why I m looking at 11.75” as I know the ball gets bigger.

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Jul 29, 2013
Right now at her age, check out Bradley gloves and a Vinci Fortus.

And I’d be looking at 11.75”.
May 23, 2015
Not on your list but thought I'd share anyway:

All Star has had some love in the forum but I haven't seen many of them played. Still, at these prices they're hard to look past.

Justballgloves has the allstars baseball and softball gloves on clearance at around a C note. Not sure about the hand stalls on those but with their generous return policy might be worth a shot. They have some other quality mitts on closeout too. Seems that there's plenty of deals to be had at this time of year depending on where you look.

Anyway, as for the ones you asked about and hand stalls....DD tried both and didn't like them. Actually she tried about 50-75 (or was it 1000? not sure...I guess its either glove shopping or shoe shopping so I'll live with glove shopping) on before finding one that she loved (lucky to have 2 awesome sporting goods stores nearby.)
Jul 19, 2019
Thanks for the ideas and suggestions. After surprising her by taking her to the local store and having her try the liberty(they were able to shrink the hand stall), a friends stealth, and looking at the Bradley and All Star online which she didn’t like the look of she said the liberty felt very similar to her current glove over the stealth which basically sealed the deal.

Ironically they had 3 limited colors not just the standard white in stock and out of the red white blue, white with purple laces, she picked my favorite, white with black web and gold piping. Here is a pic on her on our way to our last tournament of summer.

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