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Always to 2nd???

Apr 27, 2009
I'm playing on a team and we've had our 1st practice. Our 1st baseman yells, "Second base" each and every time a ball goes into the outfield. I was taught to know the status of the field and hit the cutoff (shortstop or 2nd baseman) depending upon where the ball was hit and where the runners are on base. Since the team I used to play on always won champtionships and won most games via the 10-run rule, I want to tell her to shut up, but what's the deal with the throw from outfield?


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May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
Perhaps the 1B's team last year was so good that all hits were singles and no runner ever got to second.

You've got it right, the 1B is wrong. The cutoff is 2B or SS, depending upon where the ball is hit. I prefer to have the SS cover more area than 2B since SS has a better arm. As the throw is going to the cutoff, the other fielders tell the cutoff what to do with the ball. E.g., "Go 3", "Go home" or "Hold it".



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Feb 25, 2009
Give some instruction. I've always taught that if you allow a player the time to overthing any play, they will. So, we teach things like "giving direction." In this case, tell the player to "hit the cut." For infielders, we say things like, " go one, step and thrown." If a pitcher fields a bunt on the 3rd base side, we say, "go one, dead leg." Giving instuctions on all plays should become second nature for the entire team. One final example, anytime an infielder drops a ball, listen to what her teammates say. Good teams are going to scream, "bare hand" to help prevent their teammate from picking that ball up with her glove. JMHO!