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Always a leftie

Jun 29, 2009
Hi All,

My child (10u)has always been a leftie, she bats left but when we started softball (6u) they taught her to throw right because the coach was right handed, she has never had a lot of power throwing right but it never really seemed to be bad either. We recently started pitching lessons and we have found out that when she pitches or throws that her shoulder seperates slightly on the right side. It has been suggested to switch her back to throwing left since this is her dominant side and she does not have a shoulder issue on the left. What is the best way to switch her back to throwing left?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Aug 2, 2008
If she truley is a lefty, the switch should be no problem. Are you still with the original coach? I have tried throwing with my non-throwing arm....it hurts.

Jun 29, 2009
Hi Mike,

She has had a new coach every season. She has learned to compansate with her right arm. So, when we switched to the left she is having trouble applying the techniques to the left arm. So how do I help her, are there drills we can do?


May 13, 2008
You're just going to have to treat her like a beginner in regards to throwing left-handed. Focus on the proper form and play lots of catch.
My dd is a leftie - only one on our team and only one on any team she has ever played. No coach has ever tried to make her switch arms. I watched intently at practice last night while they were doing drills. It was odd to see her mixed in with all of the other girls and she looked bizarre going in the opposite direction, but it is what is natural to her. IMHO, I would not have allowed them to move her to the right in the first place. Now, she is going to have to "relearn" the whole process with her dominant arm.

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