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Alternatives to Medals ?

Apr 17, 2019
I recently won a tennis tourney where they had a large (like 3ft) trophy as a prop for a photo op, but the winners got luggage/equipment tags to take home. Thought that was pretty handy - I've got plenty of bags to put tags on, and lord knows I didn't need another medal at my age (thanks, like every 5k ever, lol).
Mar 12, 2016
Left Coast
Our team received small golf towels with the tournament info and "Champions" embroidered on them. A little different, the girls loved the bag bling, there was no worry about shirt sizes, and the towels came in handy during hot tournaments.
Oct 4, 2018
26 oz Rtic water bottles are regularly $10 if you buy a case. Get a sticker made with the tournament logo or whatever and slap it on the bottle. I bet it'd cost about $12 per after tax etc.
Getting closer, for sure.

I wonder what their cost per girl is for the rings and trophies...