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Alternatives to Medals ?

Sep 29, 2014
All I know is NEVER give t-shirts to the runners-up that say "BLAH BLAH Tourney Runners-Up." Because NO ONE will ever wear those. Some yahoos gave those to my DD's team once and everyone was just looking at each other like, Are you serious right now?
Always need a good shirt to work in the yard or get dirty or cut into rags...
May 4, 2016
East Coast
Different sport, but my son just played in his flag football championship and both teams got a "tube sock" thingy like Neon Deon Sanders used to wear way back when. Since half the boys have the floppy hair thing going on, it is actually pretty useful. (I might steal is to where as a neck warmer / head warmer for bicycling in cold weather.)

A throw or small blanket with storage bag would also be a good thing to receive. Thermal arm sleeves too.
Apr 25, 2019
We got dog tabs with the tournament info on them. Kind of like a medal but at least it looked different. Also, it had the name, date, and place on the dog tag. It wasn't just a generic medal.