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All Stars won district ... but....

May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
Our 9/10 team has been practiing for 3-4 weeks 5-6 times per week for District Championship.
Only one other team for us to play against.

We played the one other team on Thursday...both pitchers were generally accurate, nice easy lob pitches over the plate (extremely hittable) . Our first pitcher struck out 14, walked three. Theirs struck about 9-10, walked 5-6.
going into the bottom of the 5th it was 1-0 us ...we got 4 runs that inning for a 5-0 win. Our girls generally looked pathetic.
If the other team had actually swung their bats just a little ......

Second game last night...coach pitched his daughter and she walked 12 girls in the first two innings. We were behind most of the game ... but ended up getting on base enough and winning 10-7.
Ended up walking 18+ batters. He says she struck out 16, but the assist coach says that wasn't what he wrote in the book. more like 8-10 and that's because the other tea doesn't swing.

I guess I wonder why any coach would risk losing a game so his kid can pitch ... especially when there were 5 other pitchers available on the team.
When she isn't pitching his daughter gets to play 3rd....she has yet to field a ground ball without an error and can't make the throw.....can't catch on a steal either.

We go to sectionals and I'm concerned....the girls are, for the most part, good quality players.
It almost looks as though the've regressed.....some really good teams.

This is a coach who has a daughter the same age and will be coaching All Stars until his daughter stops playing....

He is the kind of coach that plays his daughters in the best positions and batting (first 4 places in line up) ...
Jul 14, 2008
This drives me crazy. I've seen it many times over the years.
It's a terrible shame. They are fooling themselves if they think everyone does not see what they are doing.
May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT

We have one Travel player and she will be gone for four of the games (Ohio)
One kid quit as of yesterday ....parents not happy about lack of playing time...coach never told anyone that it isn't equal.....
We will miss game #4.

Eleven kids on the team....leaves the team short. Two of the best players won't be ther Sunday.

Will be a long five days for all.
May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
won district

Oh, the kid who quit due to playing time .....

...we have 4-5 of the 12 that are pretty good ...the others are essentially equal .....

A couple that are playing full games are no better than the ones sitting....

The assist coach lobbied that because they have 6 that are essentially equal in skill....
instead of swapping out the three outfielders all at once for one inning...they should be playing three innings each ...

Manager retorted "I'm playing to win".

But leaving his daughter in while walking 12 kids in the first two innings and puting her at bat #3 in the line up (struck out every time) doesn't seem to align with that.
(walked 18 in the game, struck out 16, only two hits...what does that tell you about the other team...mostly that they rarely lifted their bat off their shoulder)
(meanwhile my DD bit off all her nails while standing at 1st base)(they were almost bloody)

Although this is to win ....

...if subs are equal, then why not give all the kids the chance to experience in the field as much as possible?
May 12, 2008
This is standard "all star"/B ball coaching. The rule rather than the exception. I believe the concept to be flawed from conception. Get better and get to A ball, move, grin and bear it or skip "all stars" are the only options I see.
May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
Mark All star win

Other than Travel Ball, there are no other options here.

My 9 year old could make a travel softball team ... but she prefers soccer.
She likes playing softball to be with friends.

In addition, we have 5 kids ... so even if my LL11 could make a Travel we can't afford it, nor can we get her there.

I've been vocal and changes are happening, albeit slowly. The league has gone from 6 to 4 teams in two years...with maybe only 3 next year. They are reluctant to admit that they may not have an 11/12 if they don't make some changes....

As a parent I realize how difficult it can be NOT to favor your kid. Who is kidding who...
But I do believe that a balance can be found.

I may be more honest than most about my LL11's ability. I know what she can do and what she has learn to do fairly soon. Also a balance because I'd like her continue and if I push too hard, she won't wantt o play any more.
Probably sounds like I'm complaining a lot .... very frustrating.

Thanks for listening!
May 12, 2008
I understand those limitations and I understand your frustrations. People are people for all that means good and bad.
May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT

I understand those limitations and I understand your frustrations. People are people for all that means good and bad.
Yes, I know.
We want our kids to succeed just as much as any other parent. I guess I would draw the line at developing my kid at the expense of others.

Options in the area are limited, money and time are always in short supply.
Our kids are the same age as this coaches kids so we are kind of stuck with him. He will always be that age All Star coach .... he sucks up to us as he needs my 9 year old ... but we are very bothered by what he is doing to the other kids.

Maybe I'm too nice for this ... but I do believe that kids develop at different rates and all ahould be given as much equal attention as possible as you never know who will turn into a great ball player.
May 7, 2008

I hate to go "Dr. Phil" on you BUT, you are getting something out of this mess or you wouldn't do it. You'd find a way to play somewhere other than for this guy. Not trying to be harsh, just trying to inerject some food for thought.

May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
Getting something

You are correct....
up until now (this spring) both my girls were learning and having fun.
During the reg season this Spring they wanted to quit....but we said that they had to finish what they comitted to....it wasn't about not liking the coach...it was about team-mates and playing softball.

I am working with my LL11 to get ready for two 12U Travel Tryouts next month and we may consider putting her in another Fall Ball League instead of ours.
(my husband feels that if we do that, our League will not let me coach a team next year)(there are also about 7-8 families that won't play Fall if I don't coach because they don't want their kds with the other two possibilities..so what about them?)

My 9 won't be playing All Sars again ... just more soccer.

9/10's start their 5 game series tonight in Norwich...they are all new 9's and are nervous!

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