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All Star System Seven - yeah it's a baseball glove

Oct 1, 2014
Shout out to Annasdad for convincing us to try this glove! Not only are we testing out the glove but also the Just Gloves 100 Day Love Your Glove Guarantee...so far so good, the purchase and shipping went as smoothly as anyone could expect. The FGS7-PT is a 12" glove that my DD intends to use primarily when pitching (she's used and loved a Vinci BV1929L for the past three yrs and just plain wore thing out). She also plays CF and has a dedicated OF glove for those duties.


Fairly impressed with the quality of this glove so far, especially at the price paid. It seems to be breaking in nicely but will still be a couple more weeks before being game ready. I've had DD trying the TIP on this glove and she's sort of getting used to it but not sure it;s going to be her thing. Also the index finger hood is a bit over the top but I'm telling her to put her finger over top of it for extra padding. ;-) Time will tell...
Jul 29, 2013
Looks like a very well built glove, I'm sure there's a pretty big difference between these and the Vela FP models! I just noticed it has split welting.........I didn't know that! My CMW3000 has rolled welting! Yeah you stole that glove!

I think finger hoods are an abomination!! On my CMW3000, that's exactly what I do, put my index on top just like you said, you can't even tell there's a hood there anymore, it just looks like a finger pad.

Your last pic of the ball in the pocket, it looks like a perfect sized glove! How's the hand stall size for your DD?

Split welting huh? That glove would make a pretty cool candidate to do a web swap and re-lace with tan Tanners! ;)
Oct 1, 2014
The hand stall sizing was a big concern but honestly this glove fits my DD perfectly and I'd say she has "average" size hands (whatever that means). And I kinda like the black lace on this one!

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