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All Star Practices Too Much?

May 9, 2008
When do your districts start? 2.5 hours is probably a little too much for that age, depending on how intense it is. If the coach is really good and has alot of drills with little down time other than water breaks and such, then 2.5 hours will fly by for the girls and they will love it. If districts start before the 4th then going 6 days a week is understandable. We don't have districts until July 18th or so, so we're playing until the first week of July. Practice for All-Stars probably won't go full swing until after that.
May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
9/10 practices

Their first game is July 10.
There is only one other team in the district at the 9/10 level

I'm thinking they will be worn out ....

Raining T-storms today .... so ...
May 7, 2008
Morris County, NJ
We start play on 7/3....practice is 2hrs M,W,F, Sat & Sun for 10U....last season DD was 9 playing 10U All-Stars....thet did 2.5 hr practices 5 -6 days/ week and we played our first game 4th of July weekend.

Our coaches run All-Stars like a softball clinic.....at 10U they need to learn the following to compete successfully in our District Pool play (11 teams for 4 bracket selections):
Pickle Drills
1st & 3rd situations
covering home on WP
Bunt defense
Proper play/catch on fly balls as most selected play infield all season
Hitting Fine tuning

Lots to cover in 2 weeks, but we do it year after year.

Hope this Helps.
May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
Practice pitcher question

My daughters 9/10 and my 10/11 (other daughter) practiced all week..drills, hitting....etc..like a clinic.
We had a scrimmage tonight .....skills learned weren't quite translated into "real Game" play.
Their pitchers (9/10) pitched and we had trouble with them (they are good)

Lots of work to do next week.

My problem is ... our (10/11) pitchers are not what we will see until game 3 and beyond.
Should I use our fast pitchers at practice knowing that what we see in game 1 won't even be close (soft lob over plate)
I'm worried that if I pitch them fast ones, they won't adjust for a slow pitcher.
May 7, 2008
Morris County, NJ
At 10U, we started our practices with the slower pitchers and worked up to bringing in a 12U, then finally a HS JV pitcher as we advanced last year.....the girls all cheerded when the fouled off pitches from the JV pitcher.....anything slower will look like a lollipop...

We always practice hitting fast and slow pitching at each practice to re-enforce the different skills needed to hit each type of pitcher.

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