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Albany-area travel ball?

Nov 18, 2015
A player from our organization is moving to the Albany area, and I think will be attending Niskayuna HS. She’s 14U, maybe 16U?

Does anyone have any knowledge of the TB programs in that area? Just looking at google maps, I don’t even see a softball field on the HS campus, which doesn’t bode well for fielding a strong HS team!

Thanks in advance for your help.

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May 17, 2017
Just do a google search 'Travel softball teams near Albany NY' you will find quite a few ,, Miss Shen has a huge complex and a number of travel teams . Also Capital District Fusion has a number of teams .
Nov 18, 2015
Thank you.

If anyone has insight into any of the local teams (such as ones to avoid, ones who say they’re competitive but really aren’t, etc.), please feel free to PM me.

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Jun 1, 2015
I live and umpire just north of Albany (about an hour north), but we host a LOT of winter (and summer) travel tournaments at the Adirondack Sports Complex in Glens Falls (the "Dome", as it's called - former host site of the NYS Softball Championships). While I know I won't be able to remember exactly every single team there is in the Capital Region, there are definitely a ton of teams in this area worth checking out to see about their numbers. Most will hold tryouts in August but it may be worth contacting coaches for a tryout or look-over even this time of year, just in case:

- Miss Shen Select (primarily students of Shenendehowa CSD - the largest school district in the area)
- Capital Region Reign
- Guilderland Red Storm
- Capital District Fusion
- Rotterdam Reign
- Saratoga Thunder
- Saratoga Freedom (newer)
- KP Hurricanes

and many others. Like I said, I know for a fact I'm not remembering them all, but a quick google search as mentioned before will be beneficial. There is also a group on Facebook: "Capital District Travel Softball" that has a LOT of good travel softball-related information as well: Who's playing when, who's looking for who, etc.