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Again, DFP forum members (and their kids) are just great people!

Jul 29, 2013
I know, I know......I started a thread just like this this past Summer after playing JDaddy and his DD in Spartanburg, SC. That’s the 3rd time we’ve met and I swear he and his DD are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met!

Had a nice somewhat lengthy phone conversation with Coach James today about the Power Carbon bat, what a knowledgeable, absolutely sold out, mad scientist of a softball Dad!! You guys kid me and think I’m eat up with gloves........compared to James and his bats, NOT EVEN CLOSE!

Sold one of the custom 12” Vinci’s I had to Matt21 in Illinois, we’ve exchanged numerous texts and had some great phone conversations as well. He’s got bit by the glove bug pretty hard, I swear it’s not my fault! Including the Vinci he bought from me, he’s either bought 4 or 5 additional new gloves (?). Another great guy I’m glad I’ve got to know!

My newest glove victim........OsDad! Another sold out softball Dad, since we’ve exchanged numbers, he’s bought 2 super nice high end Rawlings / SBF exclusives, one of which I also own and the other that I’m extremely jealous of him for having! We’ve exchanged tons of texts and some really great phone conversations as well. This one is definitely my fault, he was easily influenced, super nice guy!

Okay, here’s the meat of my post. [MENTION=16572]Fort83[/MENTION], he sent me a Vinci BV1929 this past Summer to start the break in for his DD, some of you may remember that......that went off without a hitch, he was super thankful and it was very obvious he really appreciated what I did. So just a couple of weeks ago a left handed All-Star CMW3000 catchers mitt just showed up at our house, I walked in from work to a wife who’s first words were “did you buy another glove??”. Hold up wifey, what you talking about?

I worked on that glove for a little over a week, it was an absolute beast! I’m sure Fort’s DD is probably thinking, “hey Dad, what’d this guy actually do??” Trust me, it left here a whole lot different than when it arrived! Fort’s DD broke her glove wrist/hand so she’s sidelined for a little while, the day I boxed her new glove up to ship it to her, I wrote her a little note telling her I was sorry to hear about her injury and was wishing her a speedy recovery, and hoping she has a great Spring / Summer of playing ball. I also told her to give her Dad a hug and to tell him thank you for the new mitt! Had to throw that in!

Today after HS practice, I walk in and my wife hands me an envelope and says what is this? It was THE sweetest thank you note from Fort’s DD! I couldn’t get the smile off my face.

She thanked me several times and then wrote this and I quote: I appreciate the effort to help me progress with two new and better gloves!

Now here’s the kicker.......and she wrote, “Here is a joke for your daughter, what did the catchers mitt say to the ball? Catch ya later!” Anna was like “who wrote that?” I told her a sweet 12 year old that I’ve never met! Fort83, I can only think you’re a great Dad who’s doing an amazing job raising your daughter! Her little thank you note brought a huge smile to our house, thank you!

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Feb 10, 2016
There are some great and very knowledgeable people on here indeed. Johnny, you are good people, and I really appreciate your input and opinions. The Vinci had worked out better than I ever thought. As a matter of fact, the Liberty now sits at home and minus a training glove, the Vinci is all she works with. As for my new fascination with gloves, I do blame...or thank, you for that. Ive got one more in the works, but need to stop buying so I can start breaking some of these in.


Wilson = Evil Empire
Dec 27, 2012
Kunkletown, PA
Havent met many people, as seems I dont live near anybody...haha. But have spoken to a ton and BS a lot with a few.

A lot of very nice people on here and would enjoy meeting some if I get the chance.
Jun 14, 2018
Now that things have settled down a bit around here, I can tell everybody how great of a person ANNASDAD really is. I have never been a big baseball person and when it comes to gloves I don't know anything. When I was a kid mom would grab the cheapest glove from Walmart she could find and it would usually the day of my first practice. Hell I was the catcher and used the glove and gear the league provided and my first game behind the plate I didn't have a cup because there wasn't enough time to run to town and get one. I got one the next day!!

When it comes to breaking in gloves or anything along those lines I have no clue and would rather pay somebody to get it started the right way. The Vinci (BV-1929) that I got from Drakemir back in August I think was a christmas present. So I was in no hurry and talked with ANNASDAD about helping with the break in. He seemed to get a bit excited about the idea of beating on a new glove and I told him several times that I would be more than happy to pay him. He refused every time I offered but forgot I had his address so I just sent him the leather conditioners that he uses. Other than saying thank you a whole bunch this was the best way I could come up with!

In November DD told her mother and I that she did not like the team she was with and wanted to take a break from softball for a year. SH*@!! Now a I have a very nice left handed glove for Christmas that won't be used! A few weeks later I got a call from a dad on a team saying that their back up catcher just left to go play another sport full time. I talked to DD about it and she lit up with joy about trying out for this team. There was a lot of talks with her mother about it (who was not happy!) but DD tried out and got offered right on the spot.

Now fast forward to January, we were in Pekin IL for a tournament and DD breaks her thumb at the knuckle. Well it's time for another catchers mitt to replace the $60 Slugger one that I bought a few years ago. I send ANNASDAD another message asking if he would be willing to help out again because I was still in a sling from shoulder surgery. Without a thought he told me what glove and where to buy it! I then asked if he would be ok if I just sent the glove straight to him instead of it making a stop here and again he was all for it.

After a lot of hard work he sends the glove to the house. I take the box upstairs and put it on DD's bed for when she comes over. She opens the box and reads the letter and comes out to give me a big hug and says thank you so much. I saw the note and as a read the note I got a huge smile. DD was thrilled with the glove and can not wait to work it the rest of the way in. I would like to thank you again for all the help over the gloves and if there is ever anything I can help with just ask!
Feb 15, 2017
Pekin, were you at the Avantis Dome? We're at the Slugger Complex in Peoria quite a bit, 12U as well
We play some in Avanti’s at 12u. Have not been lucky enough to shell out the small fortune to play at the Slugger dome yet.

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