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Add Favorite Catching Picture

May 7, 2015
Looking through this thread it reminds me of how nice pictures are.. Seems like nobody takes pics anymore, just video. There's something about freezing an absolute moment in time that can become powerful. That being said, here is a streaming video clip from this weekend. This one has to be one of DD's most memorable plays behind the dish.

Dec 15, 2018
CE3C2139-089E-4099-A35F-3BA0F433803F.jpegThe catcher in this picture isn’t my DD...(she’s the batter). Just found the size difference amusing. The catcher was not only huge in comparison but excellent as well. My kid could fit in her pocket though....
Aug 27, 2019
Lakewood CA.
Is that the glove that was just relaced? 3 week break in time on a catchers mitt is impressive! I can almost hear Aso clapping in the distance. :)
This was before the lace broke. She broke it in in just over a week. Her part time job is catching pitching lessons so that helped.

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