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Add Favorite Catching Picture

Nov 26, 2010
Don’t have many on my phone. But this one is my favorite and I’m not sure why. This is back in 12u when she was doing double duty pitcher and catcher. After this season she would occasionally talk a coach into letting her catch a game, but not on the regular. Have to protect the pitcher. 3369C0B9-927E-4C5D-BB1B-FB6C6913558D.jpeg
Jun 26, 2019
My daughter decided she wanted to try catching, the girl that catches most of the time wanted to pitch a little. Here is my daughter wearing the gear(not really a catcher yet Lol) with the catcher (who pitches today) after she got a crash course on catching after they warmed up. They were walking up to the field and I said “SMILE”. My daughter smiled, the number one catcher (today’s pitcher) in the pic was in the process of jumping out of the frame when I caught her. She immediately yelled “Haha I photo ditched you!” That is so her and such a catcher like thing to do it’s priceless. Just happened this am. Their first year in 12u, just moved up this fall.
Nov 18, 2015
Last few games of 10U this summer. Working on a one-knee stance.

Although, I think I’m most proud of the fact that she’s keeping her hand protected the whole time.

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May 6, 2015

first pic of her in new leg guards, this aint no damsel in distress, she is her own knight in shining armor (I simply love the silver/gray white look to her gear now)
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