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Add Favorite Catching Picture

Jul 29, 2013
Jason, I can't find it now, it's probably four years old? A dad posted a pic of his probably 10/11 year old catcher DD, and it was perfect! I think I even commented on what an awesome pic it was! I'll keep looking.
Mar 6, 2016
My daughters. One lefty (11), one righty (15). This is a composite photo I created for when both were in 10u at the same age. One of my personal favorite photos. Lefty is now in 12u and righty is now playing in HS. Is it just me, or is there something just kinda "cool" about being the proud dad of the catcher on the team? :cool:Catching Composite.jpg
A couple action shots:
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Dec 5, 2017
Wow.....is it possible to have 1 favorite? Yikes!

So I raised 2 catchers (baseball and softball).
Here is my favorite picture of my softball catcher....but she was unfortunately the runner in this case. We titled this one: "You're out...stop arguing" :)
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And this is my favorite baseball catcher pic:
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Best video would be even harder. But probably my son's trip to E-Town Kentucky many years ago when the boys were 13. Hottest I've even been in my life and he did it all with a smile. Catchers are weird like that. :)
The heat and humidity here are miserable every summer, It makes it rough on days that we play back to back.