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ACE Certification?


Former Coach
May 7, 2008
Heartland of America
IIRC, it started out that all coaches were going to be required to be ACE certified in order to be in the dougout for ASA games and tournaments starting in 2009. Then it was that just the head coach was going to be required, and as of a couple weeks ago, the Ace certification requirement is pending.

Haven't heard any actual outcome as of late.
Jun 16, 2008
Some organizations require at least one certified coach in the dugout for teams in their leagues. Some tournaments require photo ID and background check through ASA for sanctioned tournaments. The higher level certifications are mostly about roster rules for championship play and things like that, but it's defninitely less of a hassle to spend the money and time if the requirements don't change. There's also the benefit of the 5 million dollar liability insurance policy that the certification provides for the coach.


Softball fan
Feb 28, 2008
Montreal, Canada
In Canada, we have a whole certification system for coaching in over 60 sports (coach.ca - follow NCCP info) - This helps learn the fundamentals. System isn't perfect especially when dealing with volunteers but it helps.

Coaching is MUCH MORE than just knowing the game. You must...

- Know how to teach it
- Understand how to relate and interact with kids
- Understand group development
- Dealing with conflicts with parents and between athletes
- Etc.

All I would say - continuing education or professional development is NEVER lost. It's always a good thing.

Someone smart once said... The day I stop learning, I will stop coaching.

Nov 23, 2008
I have completed all 3 levels and just waiting for 2009 and ASA ACE to get back on line to complete the "Continuing ACE Level". Come on it's only 20 bucks a pop.
It makes you more creditable as a coach and you get liability insurance to boot.
They really need to institute a back ground check (we owe it to our kids) as well; just like USJOV (US Junior Olympic Volleyball clubs) and others do. Like the IMPACT certification.



Jun 22, 2008
They really need to institute a back ground check (we owe it to our kids) as well; just like USJOV (US Junior Olympic Volleyball clubs) and others do. Like the IMPACT certification.
Background checks are a waste of time and money. It is an ineffective chicken-little, feel-good reaction that only catches those who have already been caught. AFAIC, no one has the right to tell parents who or who cannot coach their children.

Any good parent is going to make sure any/all team associates are properly vetted and shouldn't trust anyone else to do it.

Ken Krause

May 7, 2008
Mundelein, IL
Our organization runs background checks on all coaching applicants through the state police. Yes, it only catches the ones who have already been caught, and it doesn't guarantee someone isn't a complete idiot. But at least it is some sort of filtering system.
Dec 26, 2008
As a coach that started coaching in our local rec league I was surprised to see that there was no sort of background check or registration process to coach travel ball.

Our rec league required all coaches to attend a 2hr coaching clinic, have finger prints and a background check every season. The coach had to pay the $30.00 fee for this as well.

I personally feel most coaches would like to see more mandated certification like the ACE program in travel ball as well.

Naturally you will always have good and bad coaches even with training.
Sometimes a "bad" coach is a good person who can benefit from a certification program.
As a coach we expect umpires and tournament/league directors to be certified and of good character so why not coaches too?

Any coach that looks for personal development and accreditation will be a benefit to his team and his organization.
At tryouts this is something parents that are looking at teams can use to help aid them in the decision making process as well.
The Insurance is a great incentive to complete the training too.

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