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Aaron Rowland post to Matt Lisle

Dec 26, 2017
... Hitting is abut equal parts science and religion to stir up this much venom I suspect it's more the religion part that is agitated.
I'm going to quote this in every hitting thread I ever frequent until the end of time.

... and if I were crafty, I'd cross-stitch it and mail it to FFS.
May 20, 2015
Hasn't Coach Lisle worked with multiple major league players who paid for his services? I seem to remember him talking about this when we saw him.....MLB is a traditionalist league and doesn't like change


Jun 11, 2015
I'm assuming by the fact that you keep referring to him as "Leslie" that you have some issue with Lisle. I don't have a dog in the fight. I've never used any of his training so I can't say good or bad. My point is simply that teaching a kid to hit at a high level is a lot different than tweaking the swing of a professional ball player.

My DD goes to one of the best hitting coaches in the area. He coaches at the college level and has girls from 8u up that all perform really well. I'm pretty sure he would tell you he couldn't coach professional baseball players. That doesn't mean he's screwing up the swings of the girls he does work with.
Take Leslie's (thank you spell check) stuff to your DDs coach and see what he/she thinks. Then you will have your answer. Also ask coach, if he had the opportunity, would he work with professional players.

Working with professional athletes who have good body awareness may be easier than working with a prepubescent child. In either case attitude could get in the way.

What did you think of Yelich talking about working with Barry?
Oct 3, 2019
I got this post off Rounding Third Softball on Facebook. Then I went to Aaron’s Facebook page and it doesn’t look fake to me. Here is a follow up post he has on his page. See his comment on the bottom. View attachment 17779
Sounds like targeted harrassment of some kind and should be reported to facebook or whatever. Also, you can tell he has an axe to grind, sounds pathetic. And, the "bro" stuff, from someone pushing 40 I'm guessing? Low class.
Jun 6, 2016
Obviously something from their past that we will never know.
I guess people don't understand what the word "bitter" means. It seems fairly straightforward: Rowand thinks Lisle's methods are bad, so he's calling him out on it.

Not worth debating that aspect of it anymore. If you think the guy is somehow disgruntled with Lisle even though he was never in a position to end up that way, fine. Looks to me like one person in baseball calling out another one's coaching and nothing more.