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9 Year Old Pitching, Thoughts?

Nov 18, 2015
She’s still missing the brush, and the ball isn’t palm up at 9:00 behind her. But the ball isn’t palm down either, and most of the pitches look like they have a relaxed follow through.

Her front leg straightens too soon, so that initial “h” position quickly times into an upside down “v” - but that may be something that comes with age / strength.

Some may say the dip is excessive, but I would first focus on limiting the backswing. Combined with the dip, her arms get so far back they appear to pull her upright, so she’s losing (falling “h”) very early in the push-off.

Good job with the back foot - she’s pushing off toes forward - much straighter than most 1Us I’m seeing (including, of course, my own daughter).

You guys are definitely on the right track.

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May 26, 2008
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Yep, she has forearm IR. Good relaxed motion. You are doing a good job....the double backswing is a little disconcerting.

Kids can learn IR quicker if they were never taught HE. She is way ahead of the other kids.

One goal of DFP is to give Daddies the information and tools so that they can help their DDs develop. Ten years ago, a daddy would have been trying to "correct her" to pitch HE. Now, you are saying, "Good job, honey," and can work on other stuff.

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