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2020- Prism / PC / dual stamp ghost

Jun 18, 2019
2020 ghost dual stamp seems to be just as hot as the 19 blue. My daughter switched back and forth last night after i picked up her 20 dual stamp. Both bats have tons of pop. She used the blue a lot before it cracked. Easton replaced it, took a while, we ended up with a 20 dual stamp also. Both bats are fairly fresh. Both have awesome pop. Hit several buckets with each. Very similar. Have 6 blue ghosts on our team, couple Xenos, CF8, Rawlings, prism . Ghost has been the Go-To for sure.
May 12, 2016
What I've seen so far based on my DD's performance. She's has /had the following bats;

* PC 2019 32/22
*PC 2020 32/22
*ASA Ghost 32/22
*ASA Ghost 32/21

First of all these are very good bats, excellent. My DD cracked her 32/22 Ghost, it was a very good bat for her. She then picked up a 32/22 PC 2020 while waiting for her replacement bat. She loved the feel of this bat and hit for a very good average. The 32/21 Ghost was delivered and I was thinking about not unwrapping it because she was doing so well with the PC. However it was delivered to her and she unwrapped it immediately, :). Started using it in tournaments and it's obviously the hotter bat in her hands.

So Ghost vs PC, Ghost wins in my DD's hands. However, the PC is damn good bat and my DD still reaches for it every now and then.
Aug 11, 2015
Unscientific table test. They aren’t too far off. I need batteries in my scale but these are suppose to be 23.4 and 24.4 respectively.


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