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2020 Ghost Advanced

May 29, 2015
If it rattles or wobbles, I’m still throwing it out. I don’t care if it has overhead dual-cams, a quad-core processor, an upgraded flux capacitor, double-juiced Kyber crystals, and a cup holder.

;) 😁


Wilson = Evil Empire
Dec 27, 2012
Kunkletown, PA
Well ernie, they cant be like Rawlings and not do anything to help advertise the products...haha :).

Its that way for every product in this world...if you dont push it and advertise, it doesnt help
sell. And to be honest, thats not Easton doing the Vid...its a store. So really its them trying to sell it.
Every bat in the world that comes out is going to say the key things...no vibration and bigger ss in
its description somewhere...and maybe some new bats will throw in "bat is made for elite hitters" ;)
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May 29, 2015
Now, you’re going to realize that all umpires are to be highly respected and without fail. You knew little Suzii’s bat was broken and you are going to buy her a new Ghost 2020 from Core. And you are going to stop with the cutesy spelling of Suzy ... it’s not cute with two “I”s or an “X” or anything like that ... it’s just pretentious.