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2020 Ghost Advanced

May 19, 2016
The bat guru in YouTube posted an update last night. He stated the bat has a msrp of 449.99 now because of the tariffs. I’m not buying into that but anyway. He also said it’s coming out 1/16. That’s pretty much what Core has said the whole time.
Yeah I don’t buy that either. It’s almost standard now that a “new” bat being introduced to the product line means a $50 hike to the standard before. At this pace I’ll be paying close to a grand for my grandkids bats. Lol


Wilson = Evil Empire
DFP Vendor
Dec 27, 2012
Kunkletown, PA
Nah, Its just going to be another bat in the lineup...the regular Ghost will still be produced at the same prices.

Im with people, I don't see this selling well. Even if its a great bat...I don't see a ton of people paying that much over
what a Ghost costs. I have said many, many times...there is a happy point of selling bats. Anything over the 349 threshold
usually doesn't do well. That number seems to be the breaking point. Hence why Im not carrying too many, Im
not getting stuck like stores carrying other brands' 449 bats. We are talking retail not what I am selling for.
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Dec 11, 2010
Good Gosh! Is that the Anderson knob I asked for???

Putting a regular lizard skin on it?

Could Easton be reading the Ghost thread?.....

DD gets the bruise he is talking about. I hate myself for this but we might just have to do this deal.
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Wilson = Evil Empire
DFP Vendor
Dec 27, 2012
Kunkletown, PA
Stop WW...you arent saying what you are saying ;)

What did I tell you about weighting...saw that from day one. Figured it wasnt going to be
a real balanced bat. So I think people who want this bat, should pick the same weight they would if
they were going to buy the regular Ghost.
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May 7, 2015
Ha, love all of the marketing speak... The certification is in quantifying the balls energy after leaving a static bat, the 1.20bpf. The compression is the only way of testing the bat "in the field" with the bat testers that we've already seen. The old easton double wall ghost was allowed a way lower "in the field" compression value because the 1.20bpf was certified and the acceptable results have to be modified. Having another double wall compression value verified doesn't mean a bat is performing any different.

Double Barrel 2 technology
Launch Composite technology
Power Boost technology knob
Connection evolution that absorbs 99.9% of vibration!
Lizard skin - hmmm, they undersold that technology big time!

I'm excited about any new bat. I buy them all and I'm truly a bat junkie. Progress is good. It's just amazing how the newness has to be sold so hard.

I can't see how this bat isn't a success

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