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2019 Easton Ghost ASA versus other bats

Jun 12, 2015
FWIW my DD is just shy of 5'7" and 140 pounds, in 12U (though she is actually 12). She's always had a Demarini and when her beloved CF8 bit the dust, she wanted to get the CF Zen. She's used a Ghost (her team mate's) but she didn't love it. The Zen has a ton of pop right out of the wrapper.
Mar 1, 2016
I see little cracks in Ghosts and hear people talking about how their DDs broke them after 2000-3000 hit and think we must be really lucky. My DD (2nd year 18u) got her Ghost about a year ago, has about 10000 hits on it, and it’s still going strong. Of course, now that I say that it will probably break tomorrow.

We bought it because I got tired of her breaking her Xeno every 9 months. I got to the point where I would only let her use the Xeno if the temp was above 70. She had to use the Mako we bought her in December of ‘16 if the temp was any lower. Once she got the Ghost last January she put the Xeno down, still using the Mako in temps below 60. In November I told her to use the Xeno through the winter and try to break it. It’s still going strong, and is actually hotter than its ever been. She got her Ghost out the other day when it was 73 outside and split the cover on 3 balls.

The moral of this seemingly rambling story is 1: Mako is built like a tank. IF you can find one, it’s great for winter hitting so you can save your Ghost or whatever other second mortgage level bat you have. 2: After breaking 3 Xeno bats, we finally found one that will hold up and not snap in half. 3: A Ghost is just like any other bat in that there are good ones that hold up for a long time under some pretty brutal conditions and there are bad ones that break as a result of taking the wrapper off. It probably has more to do with who was having a bad day at the Easton factory on any given day than anything else.

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Wilson = Evil Empire
Dec 27, 2012
Kunkletown, PA
Good post TexAg...sensible.

I have always said, bats come off a line, you can get good and bad. You also have hot as hell tech in these new bats, and you give up durability. So maybe you cant
hit bp with it 5 times a week with real balls, baseballs or dimple balls. I don't know why people cant just buy a cheapie tank and hit soft toss with the cheapie or tee work.
You are just working on swing at that point. That tank will last forever and your hottie can last a ton as well if you lighten the load a little on it. And this goes for
every bat Im speaking for.

Because I know for a fact, when some people say the bat only lasted so and so...BP, tee work, soft toss and such never get accounted for in the "number of swings" listed :)
I watched girls a few weeks ago when we did the Mizuno demo here next to us hitting baseballs...and their parents will be the first to complain that the CF bats didn't last :rolleyes:

I joke about slowpitch guys when they are selling a bat...I always say you have to do slowpitch math...its number of swings they say times 10...haha.
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