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2012 Stingrays tournament - looking for more out of state 10u Teams

Oct 19, 2009
We are still taking applications for one of the most competitive tournaments in the midwest. I coach the 10u Stingrays and would love to see some of the top 10u teams from states surrounding Ohio represented there!

If your team is from Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Canada, Maryland, Tennessee, etc, you need to put this on your "must play" list!

2012 Tournament Information & Application Form | Ohio Stingrays
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Oct 19, 2009
Ok, here is a list of teams who are in so far:

10U = (24) playing slots
1. FAST-Wizards Blackswamp
2. Cincy Doom 01
3. Ohio Wolfpack
4. Lady Lasers Green
5. Ohio Hawks 01
6. Explosive Fastpitch Pink
7. Michigan Pride Stars
8. Ohio Ice Silver
9. Silver Creek Starz (PA)
10. Marion Diamonds Orange
11. Indiana Gators 01
12. Ohio Lady Liberty
13. Buckeye Heat
14. Central Ohio Lady Vipers
15. Valley Extreme
16. Elyria SunDogs
17. Grand Slam
18. Indiana Bombers
19. Ohio Stingrays Gunter
20. Nitro Fastpitch - PA
21. Pittsburgh Diamond Stars
22. Kentucky Bluegrass Blaze
23. Ohio Storm 01
24. Triple Crown Xtreme - IN

We will take up to 24 teams and fill the remaining spots on a first come, first served basis. You can email me your questions at tgunter@echo24.com
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Oct 19, 2009
Teams list has been updated. We have one spot left for a good team. If you're still putting your schedule together and are looking for a good road trip, this should be it!

When these kids get to 16u, 2/3 of the teams who apply don't get in. This is a great opportunity to experience Stingrays without having to sweat the selection process.
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