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Nov 18, 2015
I'm also curious about the uniforms - intra-squad game? Or just teams with remarkably similar colors?
Aug 20, 2017
She is way up in the box.(maybe out??)
Thoughts on her follow thru? Kind of flat and around. Seems like somebody has told her not to drop her back shoulder. I guess it doesn't matter, the ball is already gone but....
We have worked on bat path for a long time. She used to have a problem dropping back shoulder during the stride so we worked on that for a while. We work on all kinds of tilt drills. Bat path is slowly getting better. If you have ever taught hitting you know everything you teach them has a reaction to what you are working on. The swing is better than it was a year ago. Been searching for consistency. Working on the swing never ends!

I will say this: her timing has always been good. She’s never rushed or late. Mentally she’s swinging at every pitch and her body responds to that. Her front foot is up on time (critical). She’s controlling her forward move better. She’s able to put a powerful swing on the ball (although flawed) every single pitch. She’s gonna run into a bunch of them this year.

Your swing doesn’t have to be perfect to produce results. But your timing has to be.

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