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14U Swing Assesment?


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May 27, 2012
Wrist angles relative to the barrel.... Can't stress it enough.
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Jan 6, 2009
Pacific NW
I really don't like the flow of the swing, to much "generating" the swing and not enough letting it happen. Could this be a case where less is more?

She is still standing up on the front leg, raising the body as she extends the front leg. She is on the front leg. You want the front leg to be relaxed and then quickly contracting the qaud which pushes the front hip back (extends the front leg), swing against the front leg and not on the front leg.
Oct 13, 2014
South Cali
I would look into working on some rhythm drills off a tee. A ‘step back’ drill comes to mind. While doing this I would purposely slow down her feet during the drill. Once comfortable I would do the same thing off a smooth front toss progressing to game speed. Video and post.

Step back drill execution:
Start balanced 50/50. Hands relaxed.Tee set up down the middle. Hop to the front foot slowly. Hop back to the back foot slowly. Swing. Line drives up the middle is the goal.

Ps. Have your DD feel the weight back in her back hip. Thats the feel your looking for her to get from the drill to translate into her game swing.https://youtu.be/gug2rL8ABOQ
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Sep 29, 2008
Northeast Ohio

This is an extreme position. You would have a hard time finding many/any players in the model hitting thread that ever reach this position with the back elbow so that would be something I would study and see how that affects other parts of the swing downstream.
Sep 29, 2008
Northeast Ohio
Poor kid ... she's putting on a seat-belt. She will struggle until she addresses the rear arm path.

Challenge for this girl .... get the rear-arm to pass through an upright vee ... 'power-vee'.

I have seen FFS use this cue more and more often - "Challenge for this girl .... get the rear-arm to pass through an upright vee ... 'power-vee'."
. I kind of get it. I am certain that this concept would help with my DD's swing. Could you (FFS) give a brief explanation so I can explain it correctly to my kid?

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