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14U ('04) Batbusters Silva Tryouts

Our Fall season will be focused training up for a busy PGF intensive spring schedule.

We have the opportunity to go to Southern California 2-3 times to work with Batbusters Alumni and trainers at Batbusters headquarters in Orange County. Former UCLA star and USSSA Pride Veteran Chip Bennett will be helping coordinate the training that will be overseen by Mike Stith.

This team will integrate with the OC Batbusters Teams to train up and prepare their physical and mental abilities to play at a high level.

Trips for training will be in addition to 4-5 PGF tournaments in California. We may also Showcase with OnDeck and Surf City-PGF in November We have an indoor facility for work through the winter.
All positions are available to be earned. This is a check your ego at the door environment.

We build players. We don’t chase cheap plastic trophies and free T Shirts.

Player improvement and growth is our top priority. Players will be held accountable for their hitting/fielding/pitching lessons

August 8th and 9th 7PM Elk Grove Baseball Center 3132 Dwight Rd Suite 600 Elk Grove CA 95758

Facebook.com/batbusterssilva Batbusterssilva@gmail.com 530-681-3510

Still some great words given to us via the SoCal A's:

"The good teams have a process. It's not about trophy chasing. It's not about going to all the tournaments knowing you are the best team there. It's about chasing down the best competition. Playing the best every weekend. The good teams understand this. Yes it gets frustrating. Yes you have your highs and lows and yes it's a grind. Playing for a top organization in the country you always have a target. Yes there are times when you wanna just go to a local Tourney and win a trophy and win every game. But as coaches is that really what's best? We get asked a lot why we go so many places? Why do we go play the best every weekend? To us it's simple, we want to play the best because we feel we are part of the best. The good teams understand that and really there is only one tournament that matters and it's the very last one you play. We challenge our kids. We push them to their breaking point. We put them up against the best. In every showcase we have played in the power pools and we never run from anybody. If your kids want to play at the next level take your kid to a team that's going to go play the best. Take your kid to a team that's going to challenge your kid. Take your kid to a team that she's not the best player. Take your kid to a team where she is going to sit the bench. GO PLAY THE BEST!!! Don't take your kid to a team that's going to trophy chase! When you pick up the phone and call some of the best teams in the COUNTRY don't ask them how many trophies they have won. That's a very easy way to get hung up on. CHALLENGE YOUR KID!! STOP PROTECTING!!"

This is why our team won't shy away from playing in major tournaments. This is why our team will travel the country to play the best teams and take our knocks. You have to make sacrifices when you want to improve. You have to measure yourself over and over again. TRYOUTS Aug 4-5 8AM to Noon Elk Grove Park Yellow Diamond. Our team is for the future of our PLAYERS....not coaches or parents....


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Jun 29, 2013
If your DD is an 04 and you live anywhere close to Northern CA, check this team out. Mine is too young to play for them, my loss but your gain. They go places most teams don't, play hard like the best teams, and are run by a really good guy who doesn't care about anything other than developing his team.

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