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-12 oz Bat Recommendations

I read some of the existing bat threads. Just wondering if anyone hand any experience with the lighter composite bats. I'm cosidering the following for my 12 year old DD
demarini vendetta -12
Miken Halo Lite -12
Easton Stealth SV12 -11.5
Any other suggestions appreciated.

I'd hate to make a $200+ dollar mistake. She's been using a 31/19 demarini Medusa, but I think it's time to move up.

Sep 29, 2008
Northeast Ohio
What is the age of your daughter and size? If you can hold out and work on her swing so that she can confidantly, smoothly and quickly swing a -10 32-22 Stealth, Synergy, Mayhem, Catalyst or demarini composite or a -9 RocketTech I think in the long run you'll be happier with her pop and you'll have it longer. Have her borrow a good -10 from someone for some wiffles and live coach pitching and watch what she can do. With good mechanics if she has been swinging 31-19 she just might be able to handle 32-22 all the way down at the knob. If she can and if/when you she a notable improvement in pop you both might be convinced to go with the bigger one that you'll be happier with for at least the next couple of years at $200 - $300.
Jan 14, 2009
Atlanta, Georgia
Good advice from ihowser. My dd is 12 (average in size) and swings a 31/21 Synergy. One of these days I'm going to get her a RocketTech to try.

I haven't tried any of the bats you mentioned, but if she is 12u or older and has reasonably sound mechanics she should be able to swing a -10 or -9.


Abby's Dad
Jan 23, 2009
Collegeville, PA
I bought the vendetta for my 13yo daughter for her birthday in February. She's 5'1" & about 96lbs. She's been using a -10 Easton aluminum bat (21/31) for the last two years in LL play with good results. The vendetta is 21/33. She hasn't tried it yet since we're waiting for + 60 degree weather here in SE PA and Dimarini recommends only using it above 60 degrees. She likes the way it feels and thinks it will help bunting since the rails grip is square. Once she starts using it (soon!) I'll post an update.

Thanks for all responses. Gerry, I'd love to hear what you think of the vendetta

My DD will be 12 in June. She's 4 ft 11 in and around 87 pounds.

Here's my whole story. I thought she’d be able to handle a -10 oz bat this season. We are both new to travel ball. This is our first year. Last year during the 9-10 year old Little League All-Star season (I know sigh...) she hit the ball very well, batted over .600 during our 10 game post season. Since then she's been involved in an agility/core strengthening program at our local gym. She’s thin, but solid if that makes sense. So…..I went out and bought her a 32" Miken Halo -10 oz. (I was always a Miken fan) We’ve done soft toss into a net in the back yard and she feels it’s a touch too heavy. I think she’s anxious about trying it at practice in front of her new “travel” teammates and struggling with it. Not to mention that the coach told one of the other girls their bat was too heavy for her.

Maybe we’ll keep working with the new bat on our own until she’s more confident with it.

On a related note:
I couldn’t resist taking a few cuts with the Miken. Now I know technology has move on since I played high stakes beer league slow-pitch, but the sound of the bat is not what I’m used to. It almost sounds “dead“ for lack of a better word. I know there’s supposed to be a break in period with bats, it just sounds odd to me. Any thoughts on that?

The bat is 32” in length, 22 oz.

Thanks again.
May 8, 2008
-12 composite

My DD is 12 & around 85 lbs. she uses a 31/19 Louisville Slugger FP74M, she likes it. You can get buy 1 get 1 free ($100 for 2 composite bats!!) at justbats.com. I bought a 32/20 for her for when she is ready to move to a heavier bat. She also has a Catalyst 31/21, it feels much heavier than the bat she uses regularly.

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