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10U Rec: Pros and cons of allowing stealing of home?

Mar 24, 2009

Our league has adopted the 10U ASA rules this year. There is currently a raging debate amongst the 10U coaches about whether stealing home is appropriate for the 10U rec level.

Most of the travel ball coaches are really gung ho in favor of stealing home. However, about half of the coaches would rather see runs scored by girls putting the ball into play rather by taking advantage of some of the less developed 9 year old catchers.

What is your opinion on the pros and cons of allowing stealing home at the 10U rec level?

Aug 2, 2008
It is a great way to hurt and discourage young rec. players. I think the current system works great, if you want your 10-U team to be able to steal home then go play select ball. There is a fine line between helping your players gain some confidence when you face weaker teams, and being an a--hole coach and praying on weaker teams continually. Half of our rec. team is made up of players from our select team, I think not stealing home in rec. is a good rule.

May 13, 2008
For 10U rec level I'm in favor of the "no stealing home" rule. I would use the old ASA rule. Under the old ASA rule, the runner on third would NOT be allowed to advance when the catcher made the throw to second base. Their rule stated that a runner could score only on a batted ball, a walk with the bases loaded, a hit batter with the bases loaded or on an awarded base (for instance, if the catcher threw to third to play on a stealing runner and the ball went out of play).

For rec ball the catchers and pitchers are not as skilled and it isn't productive to their development to put the pressure of keeping that runner on third base in the event of a passed ball or a steal attempt.
Jan 15, 2009
I agree with Mike.

We use ASA rules locally for our travel leagues and when ASA changed the 10U rules to match the other ages as far as dropped third strike and stealing home the league voted to postpone adopting the new rules in order to encourage more kids to try to learn to catch at those ages. The second year of the rule change we allowed the rules at the "A" level only and left "B, C, Rec" with the old rules. That seems to have worked out so far.
May 5, 2008
Our local league did what SnocatzDad said...10U A teams played with the dropped 3rd and with stealing home. The B & C teams didn't.

Without those rules in effect, there is a HUGE difference between 10U and 12U - it's not only the ball size and the pitching distance, but those other rules as well. It's quite a bit to adjust too.

I was happy that when my dd played 10U, she was able to play the season (with the run cap in place during the regular season) with the dropped 3rd and stealing home. That way when she went to 12U, there was very little to adjust to.

My two youngest daughters played Bobby Sox last year (8U) where the pitchers pitch, they batters have a count, and runners can steal home. I didn't want them going back to ASA because they would have to "go back" to coach pitch (not keeping track of own count or having to select pitches) and not being able to steal home.

I was a little worried about how they would handle the Bobby Sox rules and having to select pitches and know their count at that age (6 and 8)...and my older daughters was a catcher, so I was worried about the stealing home thing.

Funny thing is, I remember one inning where ALL the outs were made on girls trying to score at home on a passed ball or wild pitch. The catchers get really good at going after that ball and throwing it back to the plate if it gets by them.

I think sometimes we sell the girls short thinking they "can't" do certain things. You'd be surprised how quickly they learn if you give them a chance.

I can completely understand wanting to see the girls bring in their own runs off of hits and such instead of off passed balls though. I also understand wanting to be able to focus on the other "basics" before having to worry about throwing these rules in there. But the thing is they do have to get to that point sooner or later.
Mar 31, 2009
1/2 season

We have struggled with this issue in our league as well. Some coaches want to adopt the ASA rules as well as our Regional Board wants to. I am apposed to it. I think there is a learning curve at each level. This level you are teaching girls to steal as well as catchers to throw. The next level you learn how to steal home and cover that steal.

We have made one change though. As far as being able to throw behind the runner at 3rd. You do this at your own risk. If a player occupies that base and you decide to try to throw behind her and pick her off and there is an over throw the runners can advance 1 base.

We will look at this at the mid-season meeting and look to either continue with this rule, take it away or to go to the ASA rule of stealing home at that time.
Feb 19, 2009
I suppose someone should offer a pro to the stealing home rule since it seems pretty unpopular (btw- I'm not in complete disagreement with the cons). Our rec league adopted it last year and is keeping it through this year without too much disagreement (no D3K though).

Weak pitching is a reality of 10u rec ball no matter what rules you play by and there will always be coaches who want to win by non-coaching (teaching not to swing & play the walk-steal game). Closing home just makes innings take forever and using the tee or coach pitching after the bases are loaded has it's limits in player developement.

Mainly, I favor opening home because it does teach 10u kids an important aspect they need to know by 12u, how to defense passed balls and base runner sliding when there's a play at the plate (our rec league rules that if there is a play at the plate, the base runner must slide or she's ruled out).*

I was surpised to see how many outs were made at the plate with great plays by the catcher & pitcher to get passed balls since we implemented this rule.

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