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Thread: KBands. Has anyone used them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frost033 View Post
    My team is 14u.

    I would be very interested to hear what Riseball is talking about.
    I agree with Riseball…if you have someone that knows what they are doing, come up with a good plan for what your wanting to accomplish so you get results and keep them healthy…thats the best route. Each girl is different and has their own weaknesses and strengths…in body awareness, function and ability.

    14 is a good age group for this and if you do it progressively, they will benefit. Test them to see the improvements or lack of… and to help give them & you… goals to attain.

    I took a developmental team that was 12-16 years old. This was a group of girls that athletically…were terrible. Tested them thoroughly and decided they needed to learn to move first, build up some mobility/stability balance, activate the glutes, build core strength and overall ability to do athletic movements and simply move their bodies better. How I used them with this group was this.

    My wife had been doing Leslie Sansone’s walking dvd and it look useful for getting basic movement patterns in various planes….so I started doing them after my morning workout with k-bands and it was perfect for what this group needed.

    Made me a music list that was bout 20 minutes long and took the boom box. We did Sansone’s walking sessions (with softball/athletic specific moves added) from this dvd ( at the end of practice to music without bands and then core work …3x week… learning to just move ..then move more athletically. They learned hip hinging, athletic stance, core work and Glute activation in depth as well as moving in all directions.

    4 weeks later we added the red k-bands to the routine. Two girls couldn’t move well enough to move on to the bands…and didn’t for another few weeks. Then I progressively added sprints, bounding, base running with the bands at the end of our walking session. I put rock songs at the end of the music list for these.

    I only had this group for 12 weeks, so we had a off season during the season.
    The girls actually enjoyed it…and we had a few mom’s that would come to the end of practice and workout with us.

    The next season we had an indoor off season. Started the with the red bands.

    4 Weeks later, went to green bands. 4 weeks after that started progressing sprints/bounding again.

    When we went to the field to work…it was night and day. The parents were amazed. Their ability to move and control their body more athletically just stood out in every aspect. Speed and quickness was a bonus and they all tested better than their last test.

    A couple things to consider
    1. Always have a rest day between sessions. Harder sessions should be followed by 2 rest days minimum.
    2. Keep them hydrated.
    3. If they are weak in their core and/or don’t use the glutes…don’t do bands till they can. If they can’t GET into an athletic stance…they can’t move from an athletic stance.
    4. If they buckle their knees at all using bands…stop them till they learn what ever move your teaching them. Form is very important.
    5. Be progressive in everything. Start off easy/light and build up.
    6. Listen to the players. If they are getting tired…chill a little…let them rest. There is also no problem to take a girl down the progressive ladder and letting her build back up. Could end up being the best thing for her.
    7. Have your way of testing them to know where they are at, what they are improving and where they can go and what you have to do next to help them get there.

    There are a lot of ways to use the bands..safely & effectively. Hope this helps.

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