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Maddie took a foul tip straight to the cage - square on. At the time, it rattled her, but she checked out okay, and finished the game (including making a great pump-fake and throw to shut down an attempted delayed steal). During our break between games, the headache came, and we shut her down immediately. That headache lasted 6 weeks, slowly - very slowly - tapering off. She never lost coordination, balance, vision, or consciousness. The ONLY symptom was a headache.
Oh, man. That would scare me for a little while taking a foul ball like that. When I took mine, it kinda deflected off of the side of my facemask where the cage connects to the rest of the helmet. I think that's what saved me from a concussion because the ball didn't hit flush with the facemask. I was fine afterwards but I was a little rattled for a while.

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