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Thread: INT Question

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    Default INT Question

    High School Rules - Runner on 2nd, ball hit to SS where runner from 2nd collides with SS. Field ump holds fist out for the interference. Runner contines to round 3rd and heads home, SS throws home. BR rounds 1st and continues to 2nd where she is thrown out.

    PU declares runner on 2nd out on INT, then sends runner from 2nd back to 1st.

    I thought INT was a delayed dead ball and runners could be put out if they attempted to advance?

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    First off, you have the umpires with conflicting calls. The arm out with fist is the field umpire ruling obstruction which is a delayed dead ball. Interference is an immediate dead ball, the player guilty of the interference is out, batter/runner is awarded first, which is what the plate umpire apparently ruled. Did something strange happen with the batted ball hit to the SS? Did she misshandle it in any way? If so, was it more than a step and reach away from her?

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    Sounds like the correct call to me, all runners should be returned to the last base legally touched. The batter-runner would be awarded first, however the umpire may call the batter-runner out if they feel that the interference was an obvious attempt to avoid a double play.

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