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Thread: catcher obstruction

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric F View Post
    In all rule sets, except NCAA...There is no obstruction until obstruction actually occurs. A defensive player can be anywhere they want before they have possession of the ball until the point in time where the progress of the runner is impeded.

    As for catcher setup, I like the catcher's left foot just on the 3B side of the corner of the plate, with her toes and her chest facing the runner. On a throw coming from the right side of the field, catch the ball across the body, and maintain the foot and chest orientation towards the runner. Turning to the ball thrown from the right side exposes the side of the knee, which is much more vulnerable.

    This is my DD forgetting that lesson, and paying the price for it...

    Obstruction was also called on this play.
    OUCH Eric. I hope she was okay!

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    Quote Originally Posted by STRIKE3 View Post
    OUCH Eric. I hope she was okay!
    6 weeks since that incident. She's still not back behind the plate.
    A TB parent's life...Drive. Write checks. Eat tacos.

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