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Thread: Dropped 3rd Strike Situation

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    Default Dropped 3rd Strike Situation

    Was watching local high school game. Count was 2-2. The next pitch was inside and the batter swung, ball hit the player above the elbow and went towards dugout. Catcher got the ball and threw it back to the pitcher. There was some confusion and the pitcher threw the ball to the catchers who then tagged the batter and was out. Head coach pulled out rule book but after several minutes the ruling on the field was upheld.
    From the conversation I heard the umps said the player swung the bat, missed the ball, and thus was a dropped 3rd strike.

    1) never seen this call and looking for comments
    2) could you please reference the rule number and copy of rules

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    The batter swung and missed so it is strike three. They got that part right.

    When a pitch hits the batter the ball becomes dead. Always. Usually the batter is awarded 1B on a hit by pitch but not if the batter swings. Then it's just a dead ball strike. In this case it's strike three and the batter is out. It is NOT an uncaught third strike.

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    Same if the batter is hit but the part of her body which was struck was in the strike zone.
    Dead ball. Strike 3. No uncaught 3rd strike.

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