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Thread: Looking for suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by eagle6 View Post
    Didn’t get a decent video as I was catching. PC talked about whip the first few lessons but as DD started missing wide right, PC has decided she needs to do flips and t’s with ball facing second. Said the arm cannot hit the body. I changed my terminology to brush, she still didn’t want that. I suggested that the missing on the pitches may be more of an issue with drive and posture on finish (timing). I may be back to the drawing board

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    no ball flips. that was the most useless routine my dd had to go thru early on. ball facing second is baaaddd.

    What i would work on first is to improve her drive. java's 2 step video is a good place to start.
    Brush contact IS needed, but before BI can be achieved consistently, correctly AND Naturally, the drive + timing needs to be there first.

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