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Thread: Doesn't make sense

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    I eat, sleep and breathe softball quincy's Avatar
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    Default Doesn't make sense

    If DD is pitching well, she leans back and throws the ball. No effort.

    If she gets tired or struggling, she looks like she is dancing on plate with all her movements. Back and forth left and right, all over the place.

    You would think if she was tired she would minimize her movements, more tired she gets the more movement.

    I can not figure it out.

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    Canadian Fastpitch Dad osagedr's Avatar
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    Well it's not hard to believe that someone could be agitated when tired. Also, while it's intuitive to think that moving around uses energy, it's also true that controlling movement takes energy (do you think it takes more energy to fall over or stay upright?).

    It does not surprise me at all to learn that someone would move around a lot when tired. There is also potentially a mental side of things to consider - less peaceful/more agitated when tired.

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    Not sure if this will help but an excellent PC with stud DD's who pitch told me and my DD that when she begins to feel tired she needs to shorten her stride. It works...
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