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Thread: Foot Drag

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    Default Foot Drag

    We noticed my daughter was picking up her drive foot or foot she pushes off with for about 8-20 inches before it starts to drag when she pitches. What are some drills or ways to keep it from lifting ? I know it is something to get taken care of right away and not let it go on.


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    Default This has worked for me.

    You might try having her stand squarely on the pitching rubber facing the plate. Have her hold both arms down to her sides. Grab her shorts, shirt or something to keep them there. Without moving her arms have her drive off the rubber (keeping her trunk upright), flexing her right knee for additional drive. As she is driving off have her close her hips to the plate and drag her drive toe. She will find it very difficult to bring the drive toe off the ground without the arm momentum to aid in the lifting. This will give her a feel for the concept of dragging that toe throughout the motion. This will also give her the feel for maintaining her balance throughout.

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    You mean she leaps, right? A simple drill for that is to place a piece of paper on the ground in front of her pivot foot and have her drag it with her toe when she pitches.

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