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Thread: Teaching I/R to Young Players

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    Default Teaching I/R to Young Players

    Any of you have some good 'sayings' or drills that help young players learn I/R. Obviously, explaining internal rotation to 10 year olds is useless. I'm a former college player and was taught IR without even realizing it and now coach 10u players, most of which are 9 years old. I am brand new to coaching and used to college level terminology. Anyone have some terms/ideas that 10 year olds will understand?


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    Show them how to pull the ball around the arm circle. As Boardmember has said at 12:00 the ball should be facing the catcher. Continue pulling the ball around so the arm naturally bends at the elbow...

    So, pull the ball up the circle and then down the circle....you can think of it as the hand always leading the ball around....

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    Go to this thread. My DD has used these drills with great success.

    If you want to purchase a couple videos, get Bill Hillhouse's videos. (Houseofpitching.com)

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