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Thread: Drills for hitting your spot

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    Default Drills for hitting your spot

    I was looking for something to use for pitchers to practice hitting certain locations in, out, high and low.

    Looking for something that can give instant feedback. Instead of just guessing that looked a little high or in.

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    Checking out the clubhouse Abrasiveboy's Avatar
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    Put a softball on a tee and have them try to hit it. Sooner ir later they will ask to do it. It works.

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    I was just showing this to a local dad last week, glad I didn't delete the picture.

    I built one like this when DD was younger. Gives some pretty good feed back for zoning. Behind the open hole I just nailed some old carpet to catch the balls. DD and friends use to love it, they would tape rival team's names on like printer paper and see how long it took to rip it off with the pitches. Heck, one day I came home and there was a printed sheet with my face on there .

    Anyway, we had to pronounce it deceased a couple years back. DD left it out and mom crushed it backing out of the garage. I felt like the guy in "A Christmas Story" when his wife broke the leg lamp.............ON PURPOSE!!

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