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Thread: Bat speed vs. Bat weight

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    Jim .... dV/dt is not the same as V/t.

    Acceleration is dV/dt ... the "change" in velocity with respect to time.

    In other words ... it's possible for "person-A" to have a lower velocity at impact than "person-B", yet for "person-A" to have greater acceleration than "person-B".

    This is why it is important to 'throw' and allow an unhinging type action. This is why a forced palm-up extension is not such a great idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mm'spapa View Post
    My DGD went to her first batting lesson this week. She just turned 11 and is using a 31/19.5 bat. She about 5'2" and 120lbs. New coach says bat is too light. My DGD says (to me) that she dosen't like the 31/19.5 because it's too heavy. She is having trouble deciding when to pull the trigger and is usually late, thus she likes the lighter bat. I know you guys have seen this before so, what advice do you guys have for me.
    Thanks in advance
    Have her try a CF5 -10 and she'll be amazed at how light it feels compared to other bats. We made a 2 ounce weight increase with great results so far.

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    Almost always,people asked to make their lightest bat possible.Its primarily a result of players those who using aluminum bats throughout their youth,college,adult leagues.Players from all over the wold are conditioned that lighter is better in order to generate bat speed.Bat most common length which ordered is a 33" length.At MaxBat,which offer young adult/adult models in lengths of 31" - 35".Allot of youth models range from 26" – 31". So what's right for you?

    NTEP Commercial Scales
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    Quote Originally Posted by CobraAssist View Post
    Red - that methodology has DD swinging almost a 22 oz bat. Still too big. And she's not a weakling either. She can swing a 20 oz bat, but I think that is her absolute threshold...IMO.


    You may be surprised. My DD is small 4'11" & ~ 98-100 lbs. She has super overall strength and core strength. Used to swing a 30/18, then we moved her to a 30/20 without any real noticeable difference. Since there wasn't a real drop off in bat speed and mechanics after a short (10 min?) period, we tried her with a 32/22 at the next lesson. It took one lesson to adjust, but her bat speed remained high and she has been doing well with it.

    Moral of the story is that the bat weight may have more to do with her mechanics and body strength than any chart can display. I assume that is what the weight variable tries to address.
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