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Thread: Closed web for pitcher?

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    In that case don’t worry about hitting your spots. Just throw strikes down the middle of the plate....

    By the way I had a 10u rec ball team many years ago that I would of given anything to have my pitcher throw strikes down the middle of the plate. She was by far the hardest throwing pitcher in the league. Girls couldn’t touch her. Problem was she had zero control or consistency. She threw several no hitters (that we lost) as she had innings where she would walk 4 batters and hit 3 batters in an inning. She’d look great 2-3 innings and then the wheels would fall off. Her glove selection was the furthest thing from my mind...

    It’s all a matter of perspective of what level you are competing at.

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    So A quick update we got our Bradley today and she loves it, super light, fits her hand well and can instantly close it. Seems like a very well made glove from overseas. Indonesia is what the tag says. I think I should have tried one of these for her earlier. That being said I think I messed up by going with an 11.75" model. It seems very small. Its almost the same size as her 11.5 jenny finch model, Which happens to be her favorite glove ever. But it is considerably smaller than her vinci. All of that makes her super happy, she really does like a small glove. Its pouring rain out here so we probably wont get to play catch until Wed. Ill keep you posted. Her are some pics for reference..

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    Glad she likes it. Enjoy!

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