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Thread: Move up or not

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tango View Post
    We have had this talk and she likes pitching more. She works at it hard. Fielding is what is getting left out in the off season. My main goal is to have a well rounded daughter that maybe could play at Duke one day. Awesome!
    Good luck to your DD!!! Keep us posted on her progress and please come find me if you make it to any Duke games this year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by #7sDad View Post
    How will staying down put her behind? Staying at an age appropriate level for her ability will help her improve. Moving her up to 14U when she is not ready to face better pitching is what is going to put her behind. Second yr 14U's are playing in HS, so she face much better pitching. And just being in 14U wont help her pitching if she's not getting enough innings.

    You said she is #3 pitching, an average fielder, and isn't really hitting. What is the rush to move up? Let her develop at 12U, be the primary pitcher and get lots of innings, and improve her fielding and hitting. Then she'll be ready when she moves up as a true 14U.

    Just my 2 cents! Don't rush the journey, she has plenty of time.
    I agree with this. If she's not a rock star at 12U, then I think moving up to 14 is only going to put more stress on her to try and perform at the level of her other team mates. Let her stay at 12U to pitch and gain more innings and maybe improve on her fielding and hitting. Good luck as it's a tough decision, either way you go.

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    I dont think the 3 feet difference is going amount to anything.

    I'd stay down at 12u and build her confidence at the plate AND work on pitching more. Maybe practice with the older team some or pick up with them some too. I am a big believer in playing is better for then girls than sitting on a winning team. I know there is some psychological benefits to learning how to win, but playing is very impoartant. IMO
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