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Our org and teams have never spent a lot of uniforms. We have won and placed in many national-level tournaments in our $25 dri-fits. My DD's team always wear their black ones on Sundays - black tops, black parts, black belt, black socks. Team name in white, number on the back. And nothing but the jersey is actually a team requirement - pants, socks, belt - all are one color but the families but whatever brand they want - as long as it is the right color. It is actually a really clean look.

We decided a long time ago we would rather spend the money on more training and instruction.

Always happy to beat up the $300+/uniform teams.
I love it! What a refreshing concept - softball skills taking precedence over the trappings of softball!

FWIW, Gluv uniforms are overpriced crap. Intensity quality at triple the price.